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Café del Sitjar

This is an unquestionably unique corner of the hotel, as cosy as it is spectacular. Its glass floor allows guests to appreciate the antique stone silos and gain an insight into the history of the town of Calaceit.

The bar is embellished with alabaster from Aragon. The stone is lit from the inside, creating suggestive transparencies, giving the space the warmth it needs.

You can enjoy refreshing cocktails, great coffee and tapas made using typical local produce. In the warm weather guests can enjoy sitting outside on the tables set in the town square opposite the impressive town hall building.

Approximate capacity: 15 persons indoors and 20 outdoors.

Sala Lo Foc

This room is built around the house’s original fireplace, the best place to relax after a day out discovering the Matarranya. Next to the fireplace there is a perfectly tuned Gaveau piano built in Paris during the Belle Epoque.

In the living room, vintage sofas and armchairs combine with modern and comfortable pieces of furniture where more than one visitor has enjoyed a relaxing snooze.

The room boasts an exclusive bar service for guests staying at the hotel and the Sitjar library with books and documents specialising in the Matarranya county. You can also choose from a selection of games such as chess, playing cards, domino, ludo, etc. and spend a fun and memorable time with your friends or family.....

Approximate area: 60 sq m2


Lovers of French billiards will enjoy this room. While away the hours in a delightful setting to the sound of balls tapping against one another. Indeed, losing track of time and leaving behind the day-to-day hustle and bustle is one of our missions at Hotel del Sitjar.

Just beneath the billiard table, a piece of glass covers the original well that the house’s occupants would have used to draw water. It is a natural tank with a capacity for over 10,000 gallons of water.

Approximate area: 26 m2.

Sala La Cova

Spectacular multipurpose room with a vaulted stone ceiling. It was originally used to keep hens but now it has been totally transformed into a versatile venue where guests can celebrate all manner of formal or informal events such as cocktail parties, celebrations, business meetings, conferences, etc.

Sala la Cova is where Hotel del Sitjar hosts concerts and art exhibitions. It is equipped with the latest technology for any function (Wi-Fi connection, projector, audio system with microphone, etc.).

Moreover, it can be suitably furnished to fulfil your needs. Located next to the hotel’s terrace, your event can extended to this pleasant outdoor space.

If no event is being hosted, it’s an ideal place for younger visitors to make themselves comfortable on the big rug and spend some time with other members of the family or guests and have fun competing on the Wii, to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age.

Approximate area: 60 m2, seating capacity for 30 people approx.

Terrace and La Bassa pool

Years ago, La Bassa was where the people of Calaceit drew their water supplies. Following this, it was used as a football pitch and now it’s a park and garden.

In Hotel del Sitjar, La Bassa is a comfortable terrace that has a small dipping pool where you can cool off in summer. There are comfortable hammocks and places to lounge in the shade whilst enjoying a drink in the gentle south-westerly breeze. The pool measures six by two metres, so whilst it’s not a pool for keen swimmers, it is ideal for a refreshing dip. And because La Bassa is accessed from La Cova, both these areas can be used together to host events.

Approximate area: 65 m2

Sitjar Wine Cellar

Another original room in this century-old house is its wine cellar, on two floors and with stone ceilings, floors and walls.

As in any good wine cellar, the pleasant temperature stays practically the same all year round. Here you can see the original instruments used for the production of oil and wine, and for the preservation of other food products. Sit back and enjoy a glass of good wine from the hotel’s cellar, at exactly the right temperature, in an atmosphere so authentic that guests will be taken back three hundred years in time, an absolutely captivating experience. 

Approximate capacity: 12 people.

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